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Being your own Boss

Are you tired of being told when to go to work and when to finish ? Are you tired of being bossed about by some people that determines your life ? Are you tired of being told when to go on holiday ? If you belong in this category then Roland is the best company to drive for. You determine your life by choosing when you want to work , when you want to rest , how many hours you like to work, when you want to go on holiday and so on. Driving for Roland makes you totally in control of your life and you can determine your income base on the time you put in. Drive for Roland today and you will be your own boss.


You Determine Your Time and Earnings.

Regular jobs , have regular pays and regular hours. The beauty of driving for Roland you can work long hours when you feel you need more money and decide to just work part-time or irregular hours base on your life style. Some families have one of the Partner working regular daytime shift and makes it possible for the other partner to work similar hours especially if they have kids, so driving for Roland is a perfect company to drive for since there is no fix time to work. You then have control over your time and finances.


Excellent driver’s Support

Roland team always support drivers when its needed from customer’s aggressiveness, income or otherwise in order to make the job enjoyable . Being providing transportation can be a challenge to some providers especially when the are faced with a difficult customer. We always monitor driver’s transportation to make sure they are safe and respond swiftly when its been needed.

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Sign up online

Using Roland app to make money by transport providers is very easy. All you need to do is to register or signup online either via the Roland App or using the Roland website then fill in necessary information required including phone number and electronic mail then you are in progress to being accepted by Roland. A message will be sent to your email address after all requirements are meant including the necessary checks then your account will be activated for you to start making money.


Share some documents

In registering with Roland app as a driver or partner, some documents are mandatory for the account to be approved. The documents must be in compliant with the laws applicable in the jurisdiction that Roland is operating as regards transportation provision. Necessary criminal record checks will be carried out to make it possible that the transportation provider is qualified for providing services to the general public.


Get the app and go

Roland app is on apple store and google play store so both drivers and customers can download their applicable apps for proper usage. Our app is so easy to download . As a driver after all necessary requirements have been met your account is approved and you are good to go in making money. When you are ready to work its just to sign into your app and any jobs that is within your location is sent to you straight away.


Become a non-driving partner

Roland is for everyone irrespective of you being a driver or not . You can invest into buying a taxi and do the necessary requirements to make it allowed to operate then a licensed driver can hire the car from you using Roland App. You get a regular weekly income from your investment and the driver earn money so everyone is a winner.


Need a car?

At times you go to a place that you need a car to take you from one place to the other. Roland just made it easier by just a signup on the Roland App and your car will be with you in minutes to take you to your desired destination.

About the app

Designed just for drivers. Years of experience in the transportation services industry has made Roland to be familiar with challenges drivers faces on the job hence the innovation of Roland app to make provision of transportation services more efficient and safe . Drivers can easily just start earning money after signing up in the designated location that is covered by Roland. Friendliness and caring about drivers wellbeing is paramount to Roland. Start driving for Roland today !



You're in the driver's seat. So reward yourself with discounts on fuel, vehicle maintenance, cell phone bills, and more. Reduce your daily expenses and take home extra cash.



Know you're ready to hit the road. Whether you're driving your own car or a commercially-licensed vehicle, you must meet the minimum requirements and complete a safety screening online.



When you drive with Roland, you get 24/7 driver support. And all riders are verified with their personal information and phone number, so you'll know who you're picking up and so will we.


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Hit the road with everything you'll need to know. Sign up online to get more information about local driving requirements, resources, perks, and support


Start making money

Ready to make money? The first step is to sign up online.


Support at every turn

We want every Roland trip to be hassle-free. So we're here to help with account setup, fare adjustments, and more whenever you need it.