Easiest way around

commuting from one place to the other has been made easier with the roland app. With just a signup you can access different drivers to book your ride. With our app you can be aware of how long it will take the driver to arrive , driver's location and estimated cost of the fare . We pride ourselves to be cheap , affordable and efficient in service deliveries.


Anywhere, anytime

Roland is moving very fast to cover major cities in the world to make transportation service easier. If you want to work for yourself at when you chose Roland is the answer to your wishes. Our service is round the clock so it's nice to get a ride at any time any where you are.


Low-cost to luxury

Our cars are modern executive cars that provide excellent comfort. We provide 24hrs, 7 days a week and offer the cheapest taxi, private hire and airport transfer services in any area we are operated.

Pricing Get a fare estimate

Drive when you want Make what you need

Driving with Roland is flexible and rewarding, helping drivers
meet their career and financial goals.

At the wheelMeet our drivers

Unlocking cities Imagine a world with fewer, fuller cars

Roland is unlocking cities all over the world with our innovative ideas of taxi app on demand . Imagine wherever you are whatever you do, you can easily book a comfortable vehicle to take you from one place to the other. You will not have need to buy our own cars invariably the cars on the road will be reduced which will have a positive effect on reducing emissions on the road.